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Meeting 1: Greater Potential

Maybe you tried out for Varsity and made JV instead. Or maybe you’re struggling to improve your speed, your strength or your stats. You give it your all, but it never seems good enough. Not achieving goals might make you feel like a failure, but God says differently. There is greater potential in your life than finding your identity in sports.

Meeting 2: Greater Promise

You’re seeing glimpses of what you can be as an athlete, and it’s exciting to experience competitive growth. But is it just about improving, achieving and winning? If so, that feeling of excitement might not last for long. The great news is that God created you for something more!

Meeting 3: Greater Performance

Performance counts. It isn’t a bad thing, but an unhealthy point of view as a competitor can produce bad habits, wrong motivations and unnecessary pressures. The good news is that your identity in Christ gives you a new way to perform.

Meeting 4: Greater Purpose

God has a specific calling on each of our lives. It’s important to begin to pursue our mission and start walking in the fullness of what God has laid out for us to do.