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Meeting 1: Pursue Truth

Rather than pursuing material things that won’t last, it’s important to pursue the ultimate truth that can only be found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We can be in pursuit of that truth by reading Scripture, praying, and desiring accountability with other believers.

Meeting 2: Pursue Life

It’s important to not be consumed with unhealthy motivations that drive you into meaningless pursuits. If we open our heart to God and allow Him to examine it, we will find ourselves in a position of surrender that will help us pursue the rich and satisfying life that can be found in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Meeting 3: Pursue Team

Part of taking the next step in your faith journey is to realize that we can’t go it alone. We need a righteous and encouraging team to do life with!

Meeting 4: Pursue Mission

God has a specific calling on each of our lives. It’s important to begin to pursue our mission and start walking in the fullness of what God has laid out for us to do.