Camp Quotes

Ever want to know what college and professional athletes and coaches are saying about FCA Camps? Here is what we are hearing.


Trent Dilfer

ESPN Analyst, Former NFL QB and Super Bowl Champion

“When I got to FCA Camp in 1992, I knew all the terminology of the Christian lifestyle. My first experience with Christianity was in fourth grade at Camp Hammer, and Neil Steinhauer as the special speaker. But not until I saw college athletes living a Christian lifestyle at FCA Camp did I realize that I was living a double lifestyle, and I rededicated my life to Christ right before camp began.”

“I truly believe God has chosen to use FCA in a powerful way to reach athletes and coaches.”


Steve Alford

Men’s Basketball Head Coach, University of New Mexico
Former NCAA champion and Olympic gold medalist as a player

“No organization has meant more to me, my foundation and who I’ve been about and tried to become more so than the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. It literally was a life-changing experience because though I didn’t accept Christ at FCA camp, it was camp that made me think a little bit deeper. FCA is always going to be something that I am a total believer in. I am 100 percent on board with the mission of what FCA is trying to do for our young athletes across the country.


Mike Furrey

Former NFL Wide Receiver

“[FCA Camp] was great! We took our leaders there, and they got to experience being with other leaders and other people in FCA and kids from other schools.


Mike Gottfried

ESPN college football analyst
Former college football head coach

“I was so impressed with my first FCA Camp at Denison University in Ohio. I walked out with a spiritual high. FCA is important for young people and I hope to be able to speak more for FCA and attend camp again this summer.


Jon McGraw

NFL Safety

“What FCA Camp did for me was it took my personal relationship with Christ, and it gave me the opportunity to see what an every minute of every day kind of relationship with the Lord looked like. Because, except for playing sports, your entire focus for the week is the Lord. That was the first time I’d seen anything like that.


Betsy King

LPGA Tour player
3-time LPGA Tour Player of the Year, 6-time LPGA Major Championship winner

“FCA is a place where young people, many of whom are unchurched, can come and hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.”


Shaun Alexander

Former NFL Running Back
2005 NFL MVP

“FCA Camp [in 1997] significantly altered my life… That camp was the beginning of my learning the meaning of accountability…I believe in FCA and what they want to accomplish.”


Tommy Bowden

Former Football Head Coach, Clemson University
2006 FCA Football Coach of the Year, 2-time ACC Coach of the Year

“I think the opportunities that they have to grow spiritually are tremendous. The fact that they are surrounded in that type of environment for a week gives them a lot of the fundamentals of Christianity. I have talked to many athletes who have been involved in FCA Camp and have come back more committed. If they have not come back more committed, they have come back as Christians, and for a number of them, it was their initial introduction to Jesus Christ.”


Tom Osborne

Former Athletic Director, University of Nebraska
3-time National Champion Head Coach
1999 College Football Hall of Fame Inductee
Former member of the U.S. House of Representatives

“When you take a span of time of five-to-seven days and place Christ as the focus, and combine that with many other individuals who are there, it somehow or other provides a unique experience that impacts lives much more than a one-shot deal, banquet, or a meeting can do … Peer influence at FCA camps can be very positive in a negative world.”


Adrian Williams-Strong

WNBA Forward

“Right after college, I was a Huddle Leader [at FCA Camp] and that was one of the best experiences of my life. One thing I brought back from camp was a quiet time. We would have it everyday. It was like a listening time- trying to hear from God and ever since then I have been doing that.”


Sue Semrau

Women’s Basketball Head Coach, Florida State University

“FCA Camp is focused on what is important- sharing Christ with kids and helping them understand that it is cool if you are wired for sport, but Christ always has to come first.”


Kay Yow

Late Women’s Basketball Head Coach, North Carolina State University
2002 Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame inductee

“I loved working FCA Camp. You could feel God’s presence because you are focused on Him all day. There are great speakers and so many great activities. I have enjoyed every camp experience and gained so much from each one.”


Anthony Parker

NBA Guard

“FCA Camp gives me the opportunity—especially as an NBA player—to share my faith. A lot of kids don’t get to see that side of professional athletics. So, it was an opportunity for me not only to do that, but also to grow spiritually as a Christian, myself.”