Who can go to Camp?

FCA Camp provides a week to remember for those who are entering, are currently on, or have been a member of an athletic team and is one of the following age groups: youth sports, middle school, high school, college and adults.

A great way for college students to get into camp is through our Huddle Leader Program. Visit our “Be a Huddle Leader” page for more information.

Student-athletes who fall into one of the above groups and are a leader of a FCA Huddle are also welcome to attend the FCA Leadership Camps.

Additional Important Information

For over 60 years, the FCA Camps program has worked best when friends, classmates and siblings are not housed together at Camp. Roommate requests cannot always be honored.

Transportation to and from Camp is the responsibility of the camper. Contact your local FCA office to inquire about provided transportation. Campers should plan to arrive at Camp on the day Camp begins and leave the day Camp ends.

By your attendance at Camp you are granting your permission to be video-taped for commercial purposes and agree to the following: being filmed, videotaped, audiotaped, or photographed by any means; full use of your likeness, voice and words without compensation; specifically waive all rights of privacy during the videotaping or filming and release the Fellowship of Christian Athletes from liability for loss, damage, or compensation for the use of your likeness, voice, and words; comply with all rules and regulations of FCA at Camp. In addition, such photographs and audio/visual recordings may be used in publications or advertising materials to let others know about our activities. These images may also be used by FCA or its agents to produce ministry resources for staff training, camp or campus ministry or other uses to promote the ministry of FCA. FCA may also make these materials available for sale to the public.