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Step into the FCA Camp environment and its incredible impact directly from coaches and athletes in 2017.

There’s nothing like a good challenge to bring out the best in a competitor. There’s also nothing like the forge of friendship that brings individuals into a unified commonality in Christ. And there’s nothing better than when the two are combined during a week of FCA Camp. FCA Camp breaks down barriers of self and builds unity when individuals experience challenges beyond their own bearing to fortify as one.

What makes FCA Camp this desirable? There’s plenty of “inspiration and perspiration,” but beyond that there’s a sense of belonging, of being grafted to something greater than oneself. It is a collaborative journey that enriches the soul far deeper than just a day or two of individual training—a journey where individuals unite as one to compete together and give glory to God as a unified body of Christ.

2017 FCA Camp: ONE

This year’s FCA Camp theme, “One,” rallies around the importance of moving, competing, and living as a unified front. A chance to combine strengths, supplement weaknesses, and set out as an unstoppable force for the sake of the gospel. Where we falter, others can stabilize, all inspired from God’s initial example of the Trinity, God three in one.

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Fortified As One

FCA Camp drives individuals to embrace unity.

Nestled among the evergreens of its namesake mountain range, the YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly in Black Mountain, North Carolina, has hosted countless coaches and athletes at FCA Camp for more than 50 years.

This particular year, campers from the Girls Multi-Sport Camp congregate on the historic steps of Eureka Hall. The eight giant, white pillars tower above them. An eagerness ripples through the crowd for the first day of the Extreme Competitor’s Challenge, an optional morning offering for athletes looking for intense physical exertion.

One of those girls is Jada, a tall, strong, quietly determined high school basketball forward with braids woven through her raven hair. Attending from Graham High School in Graham, North Carolina, she joined the Extreme Competitor’s Challenge along with a few other teammates, believing it would be good training before afternoon clinics.

#FCAOne From Around the World

Check out the impact directly from athletes and coaches during FCA Camp this summer.